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Discoloration / Melasma

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a chronic condition that affects mostly women and is usually triggered by hormonal changes, mostly during and after pregnancy. Characterized by patches of brown or gray-brown skin on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and above the upper lip, Melasma can also appear on parts of the body that have frequent exposure to sunlight.

What is Discoloration?

Discolored skin patches are irregular areas where there are changes in skin color. They are a common problem with a wide array of potential causes.

Melasma and Discoloration Applications

– PicoPlus
– Fortona
– Spectra
– Clarity
– eCO2

At Metro Laser & Aesthetics we offer a unique treatment for Melasma and discoloration in three parts:

Laser toning– penetrates below the surface of the skin, emitting controlled energy and targeting discoloration at a cellular level while leaving surrounding, healthy skin undamaged.

Vitamin C iontophoresis– is known to inhibit the production of melanin and is often considered to be a better skin protectant than sunscreen as it is easily absorbed into the skin and is still present over 30 hours later. This technique is non-invasive and administers concentrated Vitamin C to treated areas via a gentle electric current.

Fractional laser resurfacing– delivers small, fractionated columns of laser energy to treated areas, creating microscopic holes in the skin and stimulating the body’s natural healing response. New, fresh skin cells are created, improving overall appearance

Before - Recalcitrant tattoo case after multiple treatments
After 3 Picoplus picosecond treatments - Clearance easily achieved on recalcitrant cases

Frequently Asked Questions

Your physician will begin treatment by applying the laser energy to your skin. You will hear slight snapping sounds when the laser is fired and may feel a slight tingling or warmth. Your physician may make multiple passes over your skin with the laser during each treatment.

The procedure usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Depending on the treatment, you may or may not need minimal to moderate recovery time.

Side effects vary from treatment to treatment.

Most people see improvement after a few treatments. However, maintenance is required if treating melasma.

Melasma is a chronic condition which can only be controlled by treatments. It may be worsened or triggered by different factors after discontinuing treatments.

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